Top Stories of 2013

As 2013 winds down, I thought it would be worthwhile to review the top discoveries and stories of the year in the world of biblical archaeology and geography. Not only is the review helpful in refreshing the memory, it also makes it more possible to discern what was more important and what was less.

Today we will review major discoveries, top technology-related stories, and losses. Tomorrow we will survey significant stories, noteworthy posts, and favorite resources of the year.

These lists are subjective, first by the fact that they had to be chosen for inclusion in a post on this blog this year, and second by the process of selecting the best. Readers are welcome to suggest other significant stories in the comments below. These lists are organized chronologically.

Top 10 Discoveries of 2013:

Royal Architecture Found Near Jerusalem

Large Stone Structure Discovered on the Floor of the Sea of Galilee 

Unique Ritual Bath Complex Excavated in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Quarry Discovered

Earliest Alphabetic Inscription in Jerusalem Discovered

Sphinx Fragment Discovered at Hazor 

Claim: Evidence Discovered of the Tabernacle at Shiloh and Evidence of Shiloh’s Destruction 
Claimed and Stone Altar Discovered at Shiloh

7th Century BC Inscription Found in City of David

Golden Treasure from Byzantine Period Discovered in Jerusalem

Large Stele of Nebuchadnezzar Discovered at Carchemish

More Discoveries of 2013:

Beautiful Mosaic from Byzantine Period Discovered near Beersheba

Hiding in Jerusalem: New Evidence for Roman Siege 

Possible Discovery of Dalmanutha

“Palace of David” Discovered at Khirbet Qeiyafa (and here)

“Prophet Elisha’s House” Discovered at Tel Rehov

Roman Road Discovered near Jerusalem

Early Roman period mansion discovered on Mount Zion

Chalcolithic Temple Discovered at Eshtaol

Hasmonean Building Discovered in City of David

Top Technology-Related Stories of 2013:

Archaeological Archive of Israel Online

LiDAR facilitating research at Petra

Visit Ancient Sites with an Augmented Reality App

The BibleMap App

Google Maps Exercise for Biblical Geography and Google Earth Exercise for Biblical Geography


Geza Vermes

John Hayes

Sean Freyne

L. Y. Rahmani

Robert J. Bull

Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

J. B. Hennessy

David Livingston

The continuation of this compilation is here.

Earliest alphabetic inscription discovered in Jerusalem.
Photo courtesy of Dr. Eilat Mazar; photographed by Ouria Tadmor.

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