The Hebrew Bible for Kindle

A friend just wrote to let me know that he has just released the first Hebrew Bible designed for the Kindle. That means the vowels and cantillation marks all line up and look great! The Bible is also linked to an English translation so you can easily look up those challenging verses.

Here are a few other features:

  • All 39 books of the Tanak (Torah, Nevi’im, Ketuvim) [Genesis through 2 Chronicles] in Hebrew.
  • Crisp, beautiful, large Hebrew characters that can be resized smaller or larger, as needed.
  • Easy click-through navigation to other books and chapters.
  • Hebrew text from the Codex Leningradensis (digitized through the Westminster Leningrad Codex Tanach).
  • Unicode Hebrew characters.
  • Ability to add primary Hebrew-specific font to Kindle for use with this book.

And the cost is only $5.99! I’m trying to think of a better book I’ve ever bought for less money. Still thinking…. 🙂

There are more details and screenshots at The Bible Student. You can purchase it here.

The Hebrew Bible for Kindle

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