The Passages exhibit recently opened in Santa Clarita, California, and together with the Green Scholars Initiative they are hosting a monthly lecture series. Admission is free, but reservations are required (888-297-8011).

Apr 28, 2015, Visualizing the Bible: Using Sophisticated Technologies to Reclaim Biblical Texts, Marilyn Lundberg

May 26, 2015, Why Is there No Standard Shape to the Book of Psalms?, Bill Yarchin

Jun 30, 2015, The Reel God: Why Cinema Struggles to Depict the Divine, Thomas Parham

Jul 28, 2015, In the Beginning Were the Words: The Origins of Writing and the Alphabet, Chris Hays

Aug 25, 2015, Tel Abel Beth Maacah: Uncovering the Secrets of a Biblical City, Robert Mullins

Sept 29, 2015, Reconstructing Dead Sea Scrolls Letter-by-Letter, Bruce Zuckerman

Oct 27, 2015, How the Flood Became a Children’s Story, Chris Heard

Dec 8, 2015, Whose Gospel? The Kingdom of God vs. the Empire of Rome in the New 
Testament, Adam Winn

Jan 26, 2016, From Scrolls to Scrolling: Scripture, Technology, and the Word of God, Michael Holmes

Feb 16, 2016, New Witnesses to the New Testament Text: Deciphering the Oldest Manuscript of Romans 4-5, Randall Chestnutt and Ron Cox