A 12th-century BC inscription from Lachish is shedding light on the
development of the alphabet.

The BASOR article is available through JStor (subscription required).

The New York Times reports on questions raised by the Magdala Stone.

The city of Beit Shemesh has discarded plans to build a neighborhood near Khirbet Qeiyafa.

The Temple Mount Sifting Project is seeking suggestions for the significance
of a design
incised on an ancient potsherd.

A golden medallion with a depiction of a menorah is on display at the Israel
Museum for the first time.

The latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review includes articles on upcoming excavations, a Jewish building in Turkey, and the Jerusalem model’s 50th anniversary.

The latest Near Eastern Archaeology is a special issue on “Crime and Punishment in the Bible and the Near East.”

Carl Rasmussen recommends some websites he checks each day.

Ginger Caessens is teaching Historical Geography of Jordan this summer. This is the best way to learn about “the other half” of the biblical lands.

The Palestine Exploration Fund Blog is beginning a series on Duncan
Mackenzie’s work at Beth Shemesh

Wayne Stiles shows how a Bible story at Ein Kerem helps us to wait
on God

New Inscriptions and Seals Relating to the Biblical World, edited by Meir
Lubetski and Edith Lubetski is positively reviewed in the RBL.

Amazon is offering 25% off any one book (up to $10 off), good through Sunday.

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