I want to recommend to you today a work that’s a little broader than the typical “Bible places” category, but one that I have found of great use for several years now. Dr. Anderson’s Interpretive Guide to the Bible is very valuable tool for understanding the Bible. This unique resource walks you through the biblical text with the aim of seeing the parts in light of the whole. For each of the 66 books, you get relevant background material, a synthetic overview of the text, and an outstanding annotated review of the major commentaries. You can read more about what makes this resource unique here.

When Steven Anderson finished his 8-volume guide, it was an easy decision for me to purchase it.

Since that time, I have consulted it many times to great profit. His approach is conservative, and his precision is all too rare today.

Steven has now made the pdf editions of his guide available for free. This is a real gift to Bible readers and teachers everywhere. Amazon continues to sell the printed volumes, and he is also accepting donations for those grateful for his work.

I encourage you to download these and recommend them to others. You would do well to consider purchasing a print copy or recommending it to church and local libraries that you frequent.

One other happy note: Steven has been on the BiblePlaces team for more than a year now, working with us on our next (awesome!) photo project. We look forward to releasing the firstfruits of these labors in the near future. But for now, check out his excellent Interpretive Guide!