Just a Little Monkey Business

(Post by A.D. Riddle)

A commenter to our post about Egypt yesterday requested assistance in locating the monkeys in the fig tree. The monkeys are green with brown bottoms and faces, making it hard to pick them out among the green foliage and brown fruit and branches. The monkeys form a triangle, one in the lower left, one in top center, and one in the lower right. Here is the photo with their faces circled and numbers placed above each monkey’s head.

(Click to enlarge.)

Here they are individually.

Monkey in lower left. He appears to be hanging on the man’s arm.
Monkey in top center.
Monkey in lower right. This one is the hardest to make out due to damage.


2 thoughts on “Just a Little Monkey Business

  1. I can see why people had trouble seeing them.

    Just a note…this made we want to go see your last post, which I missed. You linked to it so nicely here…but you might want to have a similar link from that post to this one. Might be worth going back and adding it so people who find that post and don't read daily can find this one. 🙂

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