Weekend Roundup

The National Parks Authority has begun a $750,000 project to restore the Lower Aqueduct between Abu Tor and the Temple Mount in order to open it to visitors for Sukkot.

A stone workshop has been excavated in Galilee between Nazareth and Cana. The archaeologist suggests that perhaps the large stone jars mentioned in John 2 came from a cave like this one.

Archaeologists working in the Hittite capital of Alacahöyük have discovered a secret tunnel.

An article in Haaretz highlights similarities of Philistine culture to Cypriot cities and technology, supporting the theory of their Aegean origins.

A collection of metal artifacts discovered near the coast of Caesarea over several decades has been turned over to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Seventy percent of the work on the archaeological park around the Giza pyramids is complete and the plan is to open it by the end of the year.

The BBC asks, “Will the skyscrapers outlast the pyramids?

The tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent is being excavated in a small town in Hungary.

New book: The Archaeology and History of the Church of the Redeemer and the Muristan in Jerusalem, edited by Dieter Vieweger and Shimon Gibson. Publication details here.

Wayne Stiles has a very good deal going right now on the audiobook version of his excellent Waiting on God.

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