Bypass the Learning Curve for Bible Mapper

(Post by A.D. Riddle)

A few years ago, we wrote a recommendation when Bible Mapper version 5 was first released. At the time Mark Hoffman, a Bible Mapper user, recorded seven tutorial videos to help out new users.

Mark just moved the tutorials over to YouTube two weeks ago. The videos are a fantastic introduction to some of Bible Mapper’s customization options, and they will give the jump start you need to start creating custom maps right away.

BibleMapper can be downloaded here. Many features can be used with the free version, but a one-time license key ($37) is required to save your work and to access advanced features.
Be sure to watch Mark Hoffman’s tutorial videos on YouTube to help you quickly get started making maps.
You can read our original review here.

To review, the strengths of Bible Mapper are:

  • Accuracy of the data.
  • Ability to customize the look of the terrain, to select features and cities to be displayed, to modify the look and position of labels, and even to import your own sites directly using a kmz/kml file.
  • Permission to use the maps you create copyright-free in papers, lectures, websites, and publications.

3 thoughts on “Bypass the Learning Curve for Bible Mapper

  1. Thanks so much for drawing attention to this great resource. I could use your help, though: I'm trying to request a registration key, but my emails bounce back. "User unknown in virtual mailbox table." Do you know how to contact David Barrett?

    Thanks much,


  2. Pamela,

    I just noticed your question (exactly one year later) and I am working on an answer for you. Did you already resolve the issue?


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