Weekend Roundup

A recent DNA study confirms that the “Screaming Mummy” is the son of Ramses III, and the hanging marks around his neck indicate that he was the conspirator who plotted to murder his father.

Haaretz: “About a dozen life-sized stone sculptures and reliefs of camels have been found in a markedly inhospitable site in northern Saudi Arabia.”

A 2nd-century Roman temple has been discovered in Kom Ombo, Egypt.

Randall Younker will be lecturing on “Ancient Worlds of the Bible” on Feb 23 and 24 in Medford,

The Times of Israel has a short article on a seal depicting Cupid that was discovered in Jerusalem in 2010.

The Albright Institute has a busy schedule of events in February and March.

Luke Chandler notes a new video on the Lachish excavation that includes a number of interviews
with dig volunteers and career archaeologists.

Carl Rasmussen looks more closely at Herod’s Tomb in the Israel Museum.

Israel’s Good Name describes the second day of the Wadi Qilt Tour.

John DeLancey is wrapping up another tour of Israel.

The Book and the Spade is celebrating 35 years of broadcasts, and this week Mark Fairchild is on the program discussing the latest discoveries at Laodicea.

Gordon Govier was on The Eric Metaxas Show yesterday discussing the world of biblical

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