Weekend Roundup

A two-shekel weight from the Iron Age was discovered in excavations near the Western Wall.

Carl Rasmussen posts about the “tomb of Cicero” along the Appian Way that Paul would have passed by.

Jonathan Greer is on The Book and the Spade talking about Tel Dan’s sacred precinct.

Gary Byers writes about dolmens and megalithic standing stones in the biblical world.

Abigail Snyder’s new podcast “The Virtual Voyage” features tours of various sites in Israel. The latest episode is entitled “Testing the Authenticity Meter.”

“Visiting the Egyptian Pyramids” is the latest video from John DeLancey (15 min).

New book: Charles Warren: Royal Engineer in the Age of Empire, by Kevin Shillington (Amazon UK)

New from Brill: Medicine in Ancient Assur. Hardback $132; PDF is open access (free).

“The Photographic Archive of the British School at Rome includes over 100,000 items” dating from as early as 1855.

If your students need help staying awake while you’re lecturing on Zoom, you can share these coloring pages of Assyrian reliefs created by the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture.

Gordon Franz has written an essay that shows that “there is no historical, geographical, archaeological, topographical, geological, literary, or Biblical evidence that the Temples of King Solomon and Herod the Great were located over the Gihon Spring in the City of David.”

HT: Agade, Steven Anderson


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