Now Open: Ancient Road up to the Temple Mount

Israel opened up to individual tourists yesterday for the first time in 18 months, and all are hopeful that no more tour groups or individuals will have to cancel their trips.

One of our teammates who lives in Jerusalem, Christian Locatell, went for a walk with his kids through Hezekiah’s Tunnel, and on the way back he discovered that much of the “Pilgrim’s Road” between the Pool of Siloam and the Temple Mount is now open to the public. He sent a few photos. This walk on this 1st-century street is worth adding to your next itinerary.

Siloam road, cl101421085

Siloam road, cl101421089

Siloam road, cl101421093

Siloam road, cl101421067

Siloam road, cl101421068


2 thoughts on “Now Open: Ancient Road up to the Temple Mount

  1. I will be bringing a group of 27 people to Israel beginning Wednesday April 26. I have visited the Roman pool of Siloam several times waiting for the Pilgrims Highway to be open. We are planing to walk through Hezekiahs tunnel and would like to walk the Pilgrims Highway. Do I need a reservation? What is the cost? Thank you.

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