Weekend Roundup, Part 2

“A five-year dig into the side of Rome’s Palatine Hill yielded treasure last week when archaeologists discovered a deluxe banquet room dating from around the first or second century BC, featuring a sizable, intact and brightly colored wall mosaic.” Very impressive.

“About 3,000 years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, brickmakers imprinted the names of their kings into clay bricks. Now, an analysis of the metal grains in those bricks has confirmed a mysterious anomaly in Earth’s magnetic field.”

Terracotta figurines discovered in Pompeii may resemble a Christian nativity scene but they were used in an ancient cult ritual.

Nadav Shragai writes about the continuing search for the Second Temple menorah in the Vatican.

The first issue of the Journal of Music Archaeology has been released. The articles are available as free pdfs.

New release: Excavations, Surveys and Heritage. Essays on Southwest Asian Archaeology in Honour of Zeidan Kafafi, edited by Susanne Kerner, Omar al-Ghul and Hani Hayajneh (Zaphon, €110)

Join a virtual tour of the ancient Appian Way on Feb 5, 3:00 pm Eastern.

Bryan Windle identifies the top ten historical references to Jesus outside the Bible on the latest episode of Digging for Truth.

I’ll post a Top 10 of 2023 list this week, but there will be no roundup next weekend.

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