Weekend Roundup, Part 1

A Canaanite shipwreck from the 14th-13th centuries BC was discovered off Israel’s northern coast in a natural gas company’s survey, making it the oldest shipwreck ever found in deep seas. “Its body and contents have not been disturbed by the human hand, nor affected by waves and currents, which do impact shipwrecks in shallower waters.”

A hoard of coins discovered in Lod provides evidence for a little-known Jewish revolt against Rome in the 4th century AD.

Jerusalem University College has posted its online fall course offerings, including classes on Egypt, Jerusalem, the Shephelah, and life and times of Paul.

Raphael Golb has written The Qumran Con: A Dead Sea Scrolls Memoir.

The Times of Israel interviews George S. Blumental about Israel Archaeological Proof, his new website “that compiles archaeological and historical documentation that shows the millennia of Jewish presence in the Holy Land.”

On the Biblical World podcast, Chris McKinny and Kyle Keimer “respond to listener questions about how to raise your kids to be like Chris and Kyle, prophetic practices, 1 Cor 11, chambered gates, Pharisees, forgery scandal, the Coliseum and Jerusalem Temple, and much more.”

Stephen Compton believes he has identified Sennacherib’s siege camps at Lachish and other sites including Jerusalem. The primary article is published in Near Eastern Archaeology magazine (subscription required) and is more wide-ranging. The popular accounts focus on the Jerusalem camp, including Compton’s article at Popular Archaeology and reports at the Daily Mail and Ancient Origins. Live Science’s report includes some brief responses from top scholars. I’ll add two things: Ammunition Hill is a logical place for an invader’s camp, but it does not meet the criteria for Nob. Second, my analysis of the historical evidence is that Sennacherib never laid siege to Jerusalem. But the NEA article has much else of interest.

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