Weekend Roundup, Part 2

Philippe Bohström provides a primer on the Nuzi Tablets and their parallels to the Bible.

The painting on an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus lid depicts 12 high priestess each representing an hour of the day surrounding a woman who looks uncannily like Marge Simpson.

“An amateur brewer in Utah gathered rare figs and a strain of yeast from 850 B.C. to make a sour, fruity concoction inspired by ancient Egyptian recipes.”

Bryan Windle has written an illustrated archaeological biography for the Assyrian king Esarhaddon.

In a new book, Courtney Friesen looks at the relationship of Christians and Jews to the ancient theater.

Some former students and colleagues have written obituaries for Alan Millard.

Gabriel Barkay celebrated his 80th birthday yesterday. Many friends and colleagues honored him with a festschrift entitled Gabriel: Tell This Man the Meaning of His Vision: Studies in Archaeology, Epigraphy, Iconography and the Biblical World in Honor of Gabriel Barkay on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Robert Deutsch has posted one of the articles, including the book’s table of contents, on his Academia page.

Carl Rasmussen is leading a tour in October to all the important places in Turkey most tours don’t go to, and at a very reasonable price. I’d like to be on this one…

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One thought on “Weekend Roundup, Part 2

  1. You shared:
    “Oliver Hersey explains why the Sinai Covenant is best understood in light of ancient marriage customs on the latest episode of the Biblical World podcast.”

    My comment:
    This podcast interview with Oliver Hersey helped me consider that “Jehovah’s” intention in commanding Pharaoh to allow Israel (as a bride) to leave Egypt, was not only an assertation of His authority over Pharaoh, and with intention of “marrying” Israel…but also of His intention to bless Egypt…which He could not do in the end, because Pharaoh would not give Israel over to Him willingly.

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