Excavations in Western Wall Plaza

Excavations have been going on for a few months in the back (west side) of the Western Wall plaza. The Israel Antiquities Authority has a brief description of the finds so far. In short, they are excavating a building complex from the Mamluk and Ottoman periods that consists of several vaults.

This is a view from near the Western Wall towards the excavations, which are located just to the left (south) of the police station.

The excavations began in April, before construction of a building in this location.

One of the vaults is visible below the metal walkway.


2 thoughts on “Excavations in Western Wall Plaza

  1. Todd,

    I know it is difficult without being there, but what do you think might be found in the vaults and/or for what reason were the vaults used? Were they burial vaults?

  2. mdiv – These are just buildings with a vaulted structure, and they could have been used for anything. But they’re not burial vaults; much too big for that and in the wrong location.

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