Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance update

The AP has a good summary of the battle over the construction of the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem. The Simon Wiesenthal Center wants to build the museum where a parking lot has been located, but Muslim organizations are unhappy because it encroaches on an old Muslim cemetery. 

Read the story for the update, but note the archaeologist’s comment that if you’re going to protect every grave in Israel, people are going to need to commute from another country. Some have noted the irony that Muslims built a hotel over the part of the cemetery in the mid-20th century. It’s also interesting to see the ultra-Orthodox and Muslims groups join hands on this issue.

Jerusalem from northwest.
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One thought on “Jerusalem’s Museum of Tolerance update

  1. We were told in a lecture by Dr. Habermas that it is very difficult to debate with Islamic scholars because they argue from theology, rather than history. Seems this statement holds true here. It doesn’t matter that they built on thier own site, just that outsiders are trying to. It is similar to the violent reaction against the pope calling Islam violent.

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