Near Eastern Archaeological Society

Many readers may be unfamiliar with the work of the Near Eastern Archaeological Society.  Founded in 1957, this group of evangelical scholars is committed to research in the lands of the Bible.  Membership in the organization includes the annual bulletin (a journal with 4-5 articles and book reviews) as well as 4 quarterly issues of Artifax, an excellent review of the latest news throughout the biblical world.  Full membership requires belief in the inerrancy and inspiration of the Bible.  Supporting associates pay the same dues ($30), but need not sign the statement of faith.  Student members pay half price ($15).  You can get more information as well as subscription information at the NEAS website.


One thought on “Near Eastern Archaeological Society

  1. Love their logo! I was told it was made by past president David Merling. Speaking of inerrancy, this is a hybrid of the x4L inscriptions over an x4C icon. The big question for scholars, though, is whether “SAEN” represents an otherwise unknown town like MMST

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