Video Review: Noah’s Ark in Iran

Robert Cornuke, renowned discoverer of the true Mount Sinai, location of the Ark of the Covenant, and anchors from the Apostle Paul’s shipwrecked boat, has recently produced a video on his discovery of Noah’s Ark. 

This video has recently been reviewed by Gordon Franz, Bill Crouse, and Rex Geissler, who note:

“Because of the excellent production quality, we are concerned once again that its sensational claims will mislead the Christian public.”

From the review:

The main premise of the video, as stated on the back cover of the video box, is that: “Based on the testimony of the Bible, personal investigation, examination of evidence, and other factors, Cornuke points to Mount Suleiman in the modern-day country of Iran, as the most probable resting place for Noah’s Ark.” This premise, however, collapses on Biblical grounds and other known facts.
Cornuke bases his conclusion on five main assumptions:

  • The veracity of the Ed Davis testimony as to the location of the Ark
  • The region (country) of Ararat (Urartu) extended into the central Elburz mountain range in Iran
  • An interpretation of Genesis 11:2 would mean that the Ark landed in Iran, east of Shinar (modern-day, south central Iraq)
  • Other ancient sources, for example Josephus, might extend the Land of Ararat eastward into Iran
  • The rock outcrop they found on Suleiman is the Ed Davis object, is petrified wood, and by implication, the remains of Noah’s Ark

The review then considers each of those assumptions.

The problem is, as with all of Cornuke’s “discoveries,” that they are never published in a credible journal where specialists in the relevant fields can respond.  Instead, Cornuke (like his predecessor Ron Wyatt) goes straight to the public, where the standards are much, much lower.  Sadly, perhaps no group is more gullible to these sorts of claims than evangelical Christians. 


8 thoughts on “Video Review: Noah’s Ark in Iran

  1. Todd,

    Apart from being published in a journal, what do you think of Bob Cornuke’s points? Is there any validity to his points as far as location?

  2. Who cares where it landed . That doesn’t dictate my faith in God…People tend to follow the foolishness of men because it tickles their ears and fascinates their hearts..Just beieve the word and thats it!!!

  3. Brian – I would simply refer you to the review. Given the many options and limited time, I have chosen not to study this issue but instead to refer others to those whom I trust.

  4. Anonymous,

    I agree it’s the Word that I trust! I’m just asking if there is biblical reason to think Ararat extended to Iran? I don’t care where the ark actually landed it doesn’t make any difference in my faith if the ark is found or not.

  5. There’s numerous problems with Cornuke’s claims. I could go on and on. The simple point to all of this is that until some evidence of the ark’s remains are found-(if still any), and there’s evidence to back this up it will be guesswork for alot of persons parts in the matter.

    Personally I’ve a lot of new unknown evidence that Noah’s Ark , that the possible current remains of the ark is on Greater Mt. Ararat. That expeditionists keep looking for a box-barge-like ark, for it’s shape and design. I can show any of you literally maybe even 100’s of unknown pieces of evidence I have to show the true shape and design of Noah’s Ark is not a box-barge-like object. But, rather it follows a basic tyriangular shape and design. It’s more like a giant house-like roof upon a rectangular box shape that makes up the ark’s mid-hull section. That has a hexagonal like shaped flat bottom to it.There are such like objects on Greater Mt. Ararat.

    Look, there’s alot of box-like shapes on Ararat and other volcanic mtns as well.That are natural geological volcanic extrusions.That appear box-barge-like in nature. There’;s over 30 of such like objects just on Ararat alone. All when seen could convince someone it’s a boxed ark.Then there’s the claim of Durunipar. The site shaped like a canoe about 18 miles S. of Ararat. Again, there’s literally hundreds of these canoe shaped impressions on the plains of Ararat the mtn itself and Smaller Ararat as well.-(Not all could be the ark).These are old volcanic activity called by vulcanologist as:”Spatter Cone eruptions”. These are eruptions that take place when the magma from a volcano is greater on the areas of falt land then in the cone of the volcano itself. It erupts vertically out of the ground. When one would occur and if lava was flowing on top of the ground the blast of the new exposion upward would be greater then the lava flowing upon the flat ground. Therefore, because of this the lava seperated on one end. Went around the blast and reformed again on the other end. making a boat-like-canoe shape impression. It’s this simple this true.

    I could go on and on. However back to Cornuke. His problem is that persons on his expedition team may have at first spoke up about their expedition and said things they later regretted. For example; Cornuke alledgedly may have been quoted-(or his persons with him at the time), that they had tests done in Houston, Tx. on the supposed petrified wood. I persoanlly checked this out and no Houston, Tx. lab knew anything of this. Again there may have been some well intended quotes that The Smithsonian Instituion also was filming the expedition and had alot of filkm on this. Again, I contcated them to verify this and they were suprised to even know this kind of thing was being said or alledgedly maybe even involving them.

    Third,they claimed to have found wood.The flood could have deposited wood of that era on any mtn as the floodwaters receeded and went down. That could have come from trees or debris flaoting on the floodwaters for almost a yr. Too, just because some of the wood found may be tooled under construction mthods does not an ark make either. Why..? Because there evidently were many buildings, towns and even cities that exited before the flood. All this wood would have been tooled also.It too was destroyed by the flood and could have deposited on the mtns as well.

    For any of you wanting more data and evidence on any of what I stated may contact me at-([email protected]).

    Thanks for your time in this matter

  6. i m confusing ,another tell us ark found in eastern Turkey of Ararat (we can see that pic onthe internet now,gogle it!)but now other people say it is being found in Iran mountains with argument Iran’s mountains is part of Ararat. What is the true?

  7. Konayame – different people have different theories about where the ark landed. No one has found the ark (at least in such a manner that is convincing to those outside of their circles).

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