Dan Middle Bronze Gate Restored

From Haaretz:

The Nature and National Parks Protection Authority yesterday opened “Abraham’s Gate” at Tel Dan in the north, for visits by the public.
The ancient structure from the Canaanite period of the Bronze Age is made of mud and is thought to have been built around 1750 B.C.E. The authority named the archaeological site for Abraham, the first patriarch of the Jewish people, indicating that it dates from the period of Abraham.
The gate was uncovered in 1979 but more recently underwent restoration. It is composed of three arches and constructed of sun-dried mud brick on a foundation of large basalt stones. The gate, which in ancient times stood seven meters tall, has been restored to its original height. It features two towers and a horizontal structure linking them below the arches, the oldest arches ever found in the Land of Israel.

HT: Joe Lauer

Dan Middle Bronze mudbrick gate2, tb011500 Middle Bronze gate before restoration (Jan 2000)

4 thoughts on “Dan Middle Bronze Gate Restored

  1. Ross Voss, who has worked at both Dan and Ashkelon, says the mud brick gate at Ashkelon is actually slightly older. Your take?

  2. Gordon – I don’t know which is older. I would tend to suspect the view of anyone associated with either dig, since everyone wants to be first! Also, there is the issue that pottery assemblages have regional variations and may not be chronologically simultaneous.

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