Give-Away: Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

Our last give-away before Christmas is the complete collection of the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands.  This set was originally released 10 years ago as a four-volume collection, but it has expanded over the years to its current ten volumes.  The Pictorial Library was our first collection and its has remained the most popular.image

To increase significantly your odds of winning this week, you need only guess which individual volume has been the most popular (in terms of sales) over the last year.  We’ll give you a hint: it is one of the Israel volumes.  (You can browse their contents at these links: Galilee, Samaria, Jerusalem, Judah, Negev.)

We’ll choose two winners on Sunday afternoon.  One winner will be selected from those who correctly guess the best-selling volume.  The other winner will be selected from all entries.

We’ve also chosen this give-away to be the occasion of our first-ever online discount of the Pictorial Library.  Through Sunday only, there is a 20% discount.  That’s a savings of nearly $38.  As always, shipping is free in the US and every order will go by USPS Priority and will almost certainly arrive before Christmas.  (If you order and then win, we’ll give you a full refund.)

Click here to get the discount.  For the drawing, only one entry per person, please, but feel free to tell your friends, neighbors, pastors, and teachers.  After the drawing, all names and email addresses will be deleted.  The drawing will be held Sunday at 5 p.m. (PST).

UPDATE (12/19): Not one person correctly guessed that the best-selling volume is “Negev and the Wilderness.”  Most guessed “Jerusalem,” which is the second most popular (with Galilee in third place).  Perhaps “Negev and the Wilderness” sells more individual copies because purchasers interested in Jerusalem or Galilee may be more inclined to purchase the entire set.  Two winners were selected from all entrants.  Congratulations to Niek and Mitch.


4 thoughts on “Give-Away: Pictorial Library of Bible Lands

  1. I just found your website because I wanted to see wether or not your pictures were beautiful enough to justify the high price I was considering paying for the set. I have yet to see some pictures but I was thrilled to come across this give-away and I hope I will win. The reason I chose Galilee as the most popular is becaus it was my own favorite place. I went with a tour to Israel 2 months ago and fell in love with the land and the people. Now I am scrapbooking the pictures that I took and posting the finished pages on my blog.

  2. okey doke….. I'll be better prepared next time, and will get in on it…..i've always wanted a set, but just didn't want to pay so much!……
    how i love your blog!……so rich and informative….. a big old THANK YOU to you, todd…..
    Merry Christmas from Houston, where the air conditioner is running today…..sheesh

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