American Colony Photos for Accordance

I’m excited to announce that the American Colony photo collection is now available as a module for Accordance Bible Software.  Long regarded as the best Bible software on the market, Accordance brings significant advantages to the American Colony collection by providing quick and easy searches as well as tight integration with the Accordance features and modules.

David Lang describes it this way:

The American Colony and Eric Matson collection is a massive (1.4GB) Accordance module containing more than 4,000 historic photographs of the Holy Land and its people. It is fully searchable, and its images will be included any time you use the Search All window to search by Caption. Once you find an image you like, you can drag its thumbnail onto a Keynote or Pages drop-zone to include it in your slide show or document.

You can read the rest of his helpful introduction here.  In my opinion, this is the best collection of historic photographs of the Holy Land anywhere, ever.  I give some very specific reasons for that bold statement here.  In addition to the photographs, the collection is supplemented by thousands of historic quotes and explanatory notes that are a rich resource in themselves.

The creation of this Accordance module makes a good thing better, and I’m delighted that users can benefit from these significant improvements.

You can purchase the Accordance module here.  Those who have already purchased the American Colony Collection from BiblePlaces.com qualify for a crossgrade, which gives a discount of more than $100.

American Colony, Accordance Bible Software


3 thoughts on “American Colony Photos for Accordance

  1. It might be helpful to point out that Accordance is designed for Macs.

    It is possible to use Accordance on a PC, but to do so, you need software (free) that allows you to install Mac OS 7.5 (also free, but quite old–it came out mid-1990s). I tried this solution for a year, and although functional, it is fair to say that Accordance works far better when running on the platform it was written for, i.e. Mac OS X 10.6.

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