Top Ten Archaeology Discoveries Related to the Bible

Several months ago Tim Kimberley posted an excellent series of  over at the Parchment and Pen Blog.  Though I missed the initial posting, I did not want to let it pass. His top ten list of biblical discoveries in archaeology corresponds closely to what I would suggest.


10. Assyrian Lachish Reliefs (Sennacherib’s Siege Reliefs)

9. Jehu’s Tribute to Shalmaneser III (Black Obelisk)

8. Caiaphas Ossuary

7. Hezekiah’s Tunnel

6. Pontius Pilate Inscription

5. The Crucified Man

4. Ketef Hinnom Silver Amulet Scroll

3. Jericho

2. House of David Inscription (Tel Dan Inscription)

1. Dead Sea Scrolls

Where can you see these great finds?  Your first stop is the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, where you can see #1, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 8.  The British Museum holds #9 and 10.  For #3 and 7, you’ll have to get dirty.

Thanks, Tim, for this valuable presentation.  If you have not benefited from Tim’s BibleMap.org, I highly recommend it as a quick way to identify locations mentioned in Scripture.

In looking up the last link, I discovered that Tim has put his research into handy book form.  You can purchase a copy of Top Ten Biblical Discoveries in Archaeology for yourself or a friend here.


5 thoughts on “Top Ten Archaeology Discoveries Related to the Bible

  1. Todd,

    Thank you for the kind write-up. The discoveries are amazing and really speak for themselves. Thank you for letting me bounce the list off of you before I started the series.

    Up next…Top Ten Theologians starting next month

    thanks again,
    Tim Kimberley

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