Chart: The Kingdom(s) of Israel

The following chart represents my baseline understanding of the kingdoms of Israel.  I use this chart (or one of its cousins) as a “big picture” tool when my students get bogged-down in the minutiae of the Kings/Chronicles narrative.  I also find this tool to be helpful in facilitating discussion regarding a comparison of different periods (i.e. David to Josiah or Hezekiah to Uzziah) or contemporaneous Israelite and Judahite kings.

For instance, one of my major research goals is to understand and contrast the relationship between Jehoshaphat king of Judah (873-848 BCE) and Ahab king of Israel (874-853 BCE) – while at the same time comparing the allied front of Ahab/Jehoshaphat to the Solomonic kingdom.  Were their respective reigns a return to Solomonic glory? Something more? Something less?  Was Jehoshaphat merely a vassal to the almighty Ahab? This chart does not answer these questions – but it allows the researcher and student alike to take into account the biblical, epigraphic, and archaeological data in the form of a “peak” or “valley.”

This chart represents my own understanding of the biblical and archaeological history of ancient Israel  (i.e. very conservative).  It would be exceptionally helpful if the other side would create their own “peaks and valleys” chart – then we could compare geography.  Admittedly, their chart would not be quite as interesting (think Texas compared to California) – since it would be one long arduous climb out of the “valley” with only a couple “peaks” at the end.


4 thoughts on “Chart: The Kingdom(s) of Israel

  1. Chris,

    What are the factors measured by the up and down nature of the chart? In other words, what would the labels be along the left side of the chart?

  2. Chris,

    I really love your chart about the kingdom(s)of Israel. It puts everything in a very colorful and visual form, making it easy to understand. If you have not already done so, I think it would be great to have this available for sale in poster form. In addition, it could also be done in a way that allows students/teachers to stick the various rulers onto the chart with velcro, for review or for keeping students of all ages participating or attentive in Bible classes.


  3. Nora,

    Thanks for the comments. I would be interested in offering the chart in a poster format. Feel free to use the chart in its current format for lectures and Bible classes.


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