Zahi Hawass Reappointed

After protests against his leadership, Zahi Hawass resigned from his post as head of Egyptian antiquities.  Now he has returned, according to Ahram:

Zahi Hawass‎, chief of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, announced that he had been re-‎appointed as Minister of Antiquities following a meeting with Prime Minister Essam Sharaf ‎on Wednesday. ‎ Hawass first took up the newly-created post in the cabinet when ex-president Hosni ‎Mubarak installed him late in January.‎ After a number of artefacts had been declared missing in the wake of the 25 January revolution the Egyptian archaeologist had stepped down from his post.

HT: Jack Sasson


2 thoughts on “Zahi Hawass Reappointed

  1. The trouble with Zahi Hawass is that he takes himself too seriously. I wonder how he will feel about the fictitious head of the SCA portrayed in Adam Palmer's thriller The Moses Legacy?

  2. I just read an advance copy of the book (courtesy of Goodreads) and the parallels between Zahi Hawass and Palmer's "Akil Mansoor" are rather amusing.

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