Holy Sepulcher, a 3D Journey Back in Time

Post by Chris McKinny

The following video illustrates the different phases of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher moving backwards in time from the Crusades until Crucifixion. Here is the information from the site:

A journey back in time to tell the story of the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the site defined in many Christian traditions as “the Centre of the World”. This is the gift by ATS pro Terra Sancta to all the friends and the supporters of the Holy Land.Divided in chapters, the video by Mrs. Raffaella Zardoni for ATS pro Terra Sancta presents a 3D reconstruction of the basilica at different times, back to the stone cave which saw the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our being here, our commitment for this land and our deep desire to help its living stones start and gather meaning from here.

While the video is extremely well done it should be noted that it illustrates the architecture of the bench of “Jesus’ tomb” identically in each chapter of the video. This is not exactly historically accurate. The burial bench beneath the “Rotunda” was actually reconstructed by Byzantine emperor Constantine IX Monomachus in 1048 AD after it and much of the surrounding rotunda of Constantine/Helena had been destroyed by Fatimid Caliph Hakim in 1009 AD.

For more information regarding th the various stages of the development see the “Church of Holy Sepulcher” entry in the Anchor Bible Dictionary by Oliver Nicholson (pgs. 3: 258-260).


3 thoughts on “Holy Sepulcher, a 3D Journey Back in Time

  1. A very interesting perspective. It really helps to have been there before seeing the video . . . I noticed back in 2001 the Citadel Museum also had a 3-D video showing the changing dimensions of the church. But it wasn't there when I looked for it in 2010.

  2. It would seem that our Catholic Church might like to use your find as proof that Jesus' died of his cross on a good Friday…When in fact he gave his life up for us as our New Covenant Passover lamb…If this was not so then he lied to us when he said he would remain in the grave for 3 days 72 hours of time…how sad it has been for us all these years that we've been led away from the truth of why it was a Wednesday not a Friday afternoon that he died. Even a 3 year old child today can count to 3 before their 3 how sad it has been for us that as adults we can't! (Matthew 26:2 and Luke 11:29-30) are only a couple of scriptures that will prove this as a matter of fact! Imagine that April 1st not April 3rd what a bunch of April FOOLS so many of US have been!!!

  3. OOPS!!! Died on his CROSS not of it…But when it comes right down to the bare facts of life and death…it was because he had to go the route of that old rugged Roman CROSS to complete his own mission in life on Earth for us that he breathed his very last breath hanging upon it. (Mark 15:37) (Matthew 10:38–16:24, Mark 8:34, Luke 9:23–14:27 and last but 1st to do so to set US free (2 Cor. 3all esp. 17) John 19:17)

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