Weekend Roundup

The Times of Israel recommends five places to visit on your next trip to Jaffa (Joppa).

National Geographic is calling all adventurers and explorers for a new adventure series.

Yes, locusts are kosher. They’re apparently good pickled, dried, smoked, boiled, roasted, barbecue grilled, fried, and stir fried.

No, locusts are not kosher. The problem is that the biblical locust may not be the same as the modern ones.

In an op-ed at the Los Angeles Times, John J. Collins provides a brief history of controversy surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls and concludes with a summary of why the scrolls are important.

Eisenbrauns’ Deal of the Weekend is Ugarit at Seventy-Five, edited by K. Lawson Younger Jr. (Reg. $39.50; now $15.80).

ASOR’s Archaeology Weekly Roundup links to 14 other stories.

HT: Charles Savelle, Jack Sasson

Joppa ocean view with minaret, tb101806997
View of the Mediterranean Sea from Jaffa (Joppa)
Photo from the Pictorial Library of Bible Lands, volume 4

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  1. I never talked to Bishop Samuel, but those living on the east side were never very friendly to those on the west side. Besides that, Arabs who have sold to Jews items worth much less have been murdered as traitors. Shanks has suggested that Samuel knew he was selling to the Israelis but was willing to do it as long as he was protected by the covert operation in order to make money for his church. Because he couldn't find another non-Israeli buyer (possibly because of fears that Jordan would sue the buyer), he put the ad in the WSJ.

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