The February 2014 issue of the BiblePlaces Newsletter was sent yesterday (you can read it here, or sign up for future newsletters here). After it went out, A.D. Riddle alerted me to the availability of three of the missing volumes of the Survey of Western Palestine, now online for free. We’ve now updated that article to include all of the available volumes. If you simply want to access the volumes we just added to the list, you can do that with these links: Special Papers on Topography, Archaeology, Manners and Customs, etc. (1881), by C. Wilson, C. Warren, C. R. Conder, et al. (pdf) The Survey of Western Palestine: Memoir on the Physical Geology and Geography of Arabia Petraea (1886), by E. H. Hull (pdf) Survey of Eastern Palestine: Topography, Orography, Hydrography and Archaeology: The Adwan Country (1889), by C. R. Conder (pdf) We’ve also updated the single file download of all 10 available volumes in pdf format. If you want the maps to go along with them, you can get high-quality scans along with a number of other valuable features in our collection here ($35). http://www.bibleplaces.com/images/hv/swp500.jpg