Muslims Open Temple Mount to Excavators

Muslim leaders in Jerusalem today announced that they have no opposition to Israeli archaeologists excavating on the Temple Mount. Such work would be invaluable to understanding the history of one of the most sacred places in the world, and they have acknowledged that their previously-held objections are surpassed by the potential gains.

Israeli archaeologists do not have any immediate plans to excavate, but now that the invitation has been made, experts expect that the several proposals will quickly be made from leading universities.

One of those on QAWF, the Islamic committee that approved the move, denied that the Muslims feared the recovery of Jewish remains on the mount. Muhammad Husseini was quoted as saying, “We recognize that every historical source agrees that the Jewish temple was on the site of our holy mosque. Finding archaeological evidence for that building will not change history.” Another religious official, Ali Abdullah, indicated that this move was intended to show good-will. “There is no reason why we must deny the Jewish people access to their most holy place. We will be delighted if they accept our invitation to excavate and increase their understanding of their ancestors.”

Some scholars, however, are skeptical. Dr. Yosef Rosenthal suggests that the excavation will never begin, because “the Israeli people will debate the matter endlessly, and in the end, the Muslims will look magnanimous and the Jews will never move one spade of earth.”

Muslims authorities have made it clear that excavation will only be permitted outside of Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, and that prayer services may not be disturbed. Israeli archaeologists are still thrilled because the large majority of the enclosure lies outside of the sacred structures.

This change of position is a most unexpected one, especially in light of recent violent protests because of an Israeli removal of an earthen ramp outside of the Temple Mount adjacent to the Jewish holy area of the Western Wall. Such a radical shift may be largely explained by the fact that today is April 1.


13 thoughts on “Muslims Open Temple Mount to Excavators

  1. I read the first two sentences and thought, “Wait a minute! When did he write this?” I knew it was too good to be true. Haha…Happy April 1st, Todd. 🙂


  2. OT,

    Last night on History channel, a 2 hour documentary defending the historicity of the Exodus. Interestingly, the duo who produced the “Tomb of Jesus” also appear to have produced this story as well. Did you see it and if so, can you comment?


  3. To Mr. Bolen: I wanted to thank you for your wonderful set of CDs of pictures of Biblical Lands. After I went to Israel for the first time in 2005, I came back looking for such pictures to use in my teaching and preaching. (I direct a small school in Texas that trains Hispanic ministers.) I have already spent hours looking at them, included them in classes, and thoroughly enjoyed them! They are wonderful!
    Thank you,
    Steve Austin

  4. Good Captain – in short, both documentaries by Jacobovici are rejected by all scholars (conservative, moderate and liberal). Kevin’s recommendation to read Heard’s reviews is a good one.

  5. Hey Todd…It looks like that you only post comments that are NOT critical of your “position” on your support of Israel’s Racism/Apartheid policies against the “Christian & Moslem” Palestinian population.

    Your April 1…on “Muslims Open Temple Mount to Excavators” was deceptive and an outright “zionist” propaganda.

    You must be writing on this website to please your Israeli zionist masters. Are they paying you or giving you housing, bonuses…ect…?

    You must aim to PLEASE them!!!

    Todd…you can click on the following websites of the “Christian Peacemakers Teams”




  6. Anonymous,

    If you want to tell the truth, the first place to start is by using your name and not posting anonymously. Posting a comment anonymously is an act of cowardice.

    It is false that I only post comments that are not critical. Such is easily proven by looking over the comments at this site. I have deleted only a handful over the last year because they were outrageously rude.

    My post on April 1 was an April Fool’s day joke. But the reality behind it – that Muslims forbid excavation on the Temple Mount – is true. I don’t know one person in the world who would claim otherwise.

    I do not have Israeli or Zionist masters. Apparently you think it impossible for someone to believe as I do unless they are paid. That is false. I can think for myself and I do.

    My readers would understand why an inflammatory and ignorant comment like yours should be deleted.

  7. Todd Bolen…there is really nothing inflammatory or ignorance about my comment. May be you are not used to hearing the other side of the real story of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict or you choose to delete it out of this website.

    Would you or any genuine Christian person allow/accept the Israelis to start excavating under The Church of the Holy Sepulcher?

    Todd I have NO cowardice from my side. On the website there are 3 choices: Google/Blogger, Other, Anonymous. I chose anonymous. Is it OK with for me to pick one of the choices that are on here?

    Todd…did you delete/edit anything from first post/comment?

    A person of your background should not be throwing insults!

  8. Anonymous – comments are substance are welcome. Comments such as you have provided are not welcome. I did not delete or edit anything from your previous comment and you know it; you suggest this to be inflammatory. I do have the right as the blog owner to edit and delete that which I choose. I am very used to hearing the other side; I have lived and traveled throughout Jewish and Arab countries for a long time.

    To the one comment of substance that you made: in fact, Israelis have excavated in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. But the issue is quite different as neither Jews nor Muslims claim the area to be important in their history. And they do not purposely destroy historical remains, as the Muslims have done on the Temple Mount.

    Future comments of yours of the same nature as the previous two will be deleted.

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