Sea of Galilee Discovered

Officials today announced that the Sea of Galilee, famous in the New Testament as the location of Jesus’ ministry, has been discovered!  Reaction to the announcement was decidedly vocal in all quarters.  Evangelicals claimed that all of the Bible was hereby proven to be true.  One biblioblogger denounced the archaeologists as right-wing fundamentalists, asserting that no such body of water ever existed but the Bible is completely true nonetheless.  A Palestinian spokesman said that this is all just a plot to steal their land.  One Christian Zionist organization already had an appeal letter for funds in the mail.  60 Minutes had undercover reporters on the scene in hopes of finding an Egyptian scientist to explain how it must be a fraud.  A bulletin posted on Ron Wyatt’s website confirmed that they had already located Jesus’ footprints in the water.  The first chapter was released of a book by Robert Cornuke in which he claims that he found the footprints, just before being arrested.  Seasoned archaeologists noted wryly that great finds are always made on the last day of the season, whereas discoveries like this one are always made on April 1.

Sea of Galilee sunset from Hippos panorama, tb032807888
Sunset over Sea of Galilee from Hippos/Susita

4 thoughts on “Sea of Galilee Discovered

  1. All right Todd these April fools jokes are compelling.

    Makes me wonder what it would be like to put a bunch of alarm clocks in your home to go off through the middle of the night…oh yeah, I remember that that was like.

    – Charles (Ibex Spring 97)

  2. This would be a lot more convincing if I believed in these so-called ‘seas’ everyone is talking about. But seeing (no pun intended) as how the earth is 90% dry land…well, let’s just say – hoowy!

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