Blogger Appreciation Day

Today is the 100th anniversary of Blogger Appreciation Day.  According to long-standing tradition, readers who have visited any given blog more than 13 times are obligated to send an appropriate gift to the blogger.  The Blogging Association of Rational Females has designated that the appropriate gift for members of their society are bouquets of pink and yellow flowers.  Male bloggers, however, need books.  You can show your support for this blog by purchasing for us one of these newly released titles today.

  • Every Bible Place in the Far Eastern Shephelah
  • A Dummy’s Guide to Cenomanian, Senonian, and Eocene Limestone
  • Men Are from Maresha, Women Are from the Valley of Elah
  • The True and Amazing Story of How I Found the Ark of the Covenant Inside Noah’s Ark
  • A Liberal Bible Critic’s Guide to Making Money off of True Believers
  • The Updated Revised New Bible Atlas, 2nd edition
  • The Lost Qeiyafa Code
  • A Fundamentalist Archaeologist’s Guide to Making Money off of True Believers
  • Look At Me: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Hershel Shanks
  • Skeletons in Their Labs: Exposés of the World’s Most Famous Biblical Archaeologists
  • Towering Balks: The Stories of Nine Excavation Volunteers Who Gave Their Lives

Please make certain that you purchase these books from an authorized bookseller before the end of today, April 1.


3 thoughts on “Blogger Appreciation Day

  1. I always look forward to this day of the year to read your post. Would you mind if we got you something not on your list? We were thinking about:

    Extreme Makeover: Wilderness Edition – Making your sand coloured walls more tan and other tricks to keep your style from drying out – TLC compilation

  2. Stupid Me! I was trying to open a link to buy one of the titles when I saw the post label: April Fools!

    Enjoying your site for the last year. And all the photo collections, I have most of them now, I think.

    Peace to you,


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